Metan Global


Metan Development Group LLC, a multi-media company, produces and exports content in China to be sold and distributed internationally. It produces and acquires scripted and unscripted programming in various genres. The company focuses primarily on the young urban Chinese audience. It provides global brands the opportunity to engage the Chinese consumer on various platforms, including television, film, the Internet, and digital mobile devices. The company was founded in 2008 and is based in Woodland Hills, California with additional offices in Los Angeles and Beijing.

Metan Development Group LLC是一家多媒体公司,制作和出口中国内容并在国际上销出和推广。它生产和获取各种类型的脚本和非脚本的编程。该公司主要关注年轻的中国城市观众。它为全球品牌提供了在各种平台上吸引中国消费者的机会,包括电视、电影、互联网和数字移动设备。该公司成立于2008年,总部位于加州伍德兰希尔斯(Woodland Hills),在洛杉矶和北京都设有办事处。

Founded by Artist and Filmmaker YiZhou, YiZhouStudio is a dynamic production and strategy company that works to bridge the east and the west and indulges in technological innovation in its approach. Working closely with Fashion and Art industry since 2010 from Shanghai, it has now developed into productions in the entertainment biz and VR fields in HK and LA. YiZhouStudio also produces lifestyle products by YiZhou and / or in collaboration with lifestyle brands and institutions.


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Chairman & Co-Founder
Marty Pompadur


With over 40 plus years of experience, Marty Pompadur is an industry veteran having held multiple executive positions across some of the major studios including Chairman of News Corp Europe (former), Board of Directors of ABC (former), Vice Chairman of Macquarie Capital (current), Director of Nextstar Broadcasting Group (current), and Board of Member of IMAX (current).

Marty Pompadur拥有超过40年的经验,是一位行业资深人士,任职于欧洲新闻集团董事(前任),美国广播公司董事(前任),麦格理投资银行副主席(现任),Nextstar广播集团董事(现任),IMAX董事会成员(现任)。

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CEO & Co-Founder
Larry Namer


An entertainment industry veteran with over 40 years professional experience in cable television, live events and new media, Larry Namer is a founding partner of Metan Global Development Group (Metan),  and an accomplished entrepreneur. Mr. Namer is the co-founder of E! Entertainment Television, a company now valued at over $3.5 billion USD, and the creator of several successful companies in the United States and overseas.

作为一名拥有超过40年有线电视、现场活动和新媒体从业经验的娱乐业资深人士,Larry Namer是Metan Global Development Group(Metan)的创始合伙人,也是一位有成就的企业家。Namer先生是现市值超35亿美元的E!娱乐电视公司的创始人,也是美国和海外几家成功公司的创始人。

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Jean Zhang


Executive Vice President of China Operations & Co-Founder of Metan, previously she founded AmeriLink Group, a management consulting company that specialized in the promotion of international business between the United States and China.

Jean Zhang provides a multi-cultural understanding along with bilingual capabilities. Jean Zhang is a leading authority on media and entertainment in the United States and China. Her unique position and perspectives are what allows us the ability to bring high quality entertainment content to the Chinese market and which Chinese content has the potential to speak to an international audience.


Jean Zhang提供了一种融合双语能力的多元文化的理解。Jean Zhang是中美媒体和娱乐的权威。她独特的立场和视角让我们能够为中国市场带来高质量的娱乐内容,而中国有潜力的内容也能与国际观众交流。

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Chinese multimedia artist who has lived in Rome from the age of eight and studied between London and Paris with degrees in Political Science and Economics, Yi Zhou is a polyglot artist whose videos has been shown at Shanghai Biennale, Venice Biennale Sundance Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival.

In the past years, Yi Zhou has been endorsing a number of global campaigns ranging from Persol in 2012, DFS T-Galleria in 2015 and Levi’s in 2016. Yi Zhou was named as the first ever artist-ambassador to endorse a beauty brand for China: Clarins, from 2010 to 2011. Loved by luxury brands for her multi-disciplinary range as an artist filmmaker and influencer, since 2011 she has also started collaborations with brands such as Chanel, Hogan, Pringle of Scotland, Lane Crawford, Yoox, Gripoix, Each x Other and Iceberg. 

Since 2010 she has relocated back to China and founded her creative strategy digital production company in Shanghai and HongKong During her years in China, She was nominated art director of and ambassador of Sina and Tencent beauty. Moving to LA in late 2017, YiZhou has founded YiZhouStudio LA in 2018 as the USA branch and she is currently developing her first feature film as writer and director and invests into Hollywood and Chinese movies with her new investment company: Into the Sun Investment Holdings. 


在过去的几年中,周依一直支持着一系列的全球运动,包括2012年的Persol,2015年的DFS T-Galleria和2016年的Levi'a。从2010至2011年间,周依也被娇韵诗任命为第一位中国品牌推广艺术大使。作为艺术家电影人和影响力者,她也受到奢侈品牌的青睐,从2011年起,她开始与Chanel、Hogan、Pringle of Scotland、Lane Crawford、Yoox、Gripoix、Each x Other以及Iceberg等品牌合作。

自2010年,她回到中国,在上海和香港创立了她的创意数码制作公司(。在中国期间,她被委任为土豆网(的艺术总监、新浪(Sina)和腾讯(Tencent)的大使。在2017年年底搬到洛杉矶,周依在2018年成立了周依洛杉矶工作室作为其美国分公司,作为编剧和导演,目前她正在开展她的第一部故事片,并与她的新投资公司Into the Sun Investment Holdings一起投资好莱坞和中国电影。